We couldn’t do our work without the generous contributions of corporations, foundations, and volunteers that support our mission.  Through financial support and volunteerism, our community partners support our programs and enable our growth.


Corporations & Small Business

Allstate Foundation
Bank of Marin
Carlson Insurance Agency
Carpenters Local Union 713
Chevron Matching Employee Funds
Cole Hardware
Dakota Press
Decus Biomedical, LLC
Divine Home Care
Fidelity Charitable Foundation
The Ford Store Morgan Hill
Fremont Bank Foundation
Future Ford of Sacramento
Give Something Back Workplace Solutions
Golden State Lumber
Harsch Investment Corporation
Jess C. Spencer Mortuary, Inc
Mechanics Bank
Kaiser Permanente East Bay Community Benefit
Kaiser Permanente Greater Southern Alameda Area Community Benefit
Liberty Mutual Insurance Pacific Region Business Insurance
Lockton Companies
Morris Properties, Kenneth Morris
Oakland Pallet Company Inc
Oliver Meal Packaging
Pacific Service Credit Union
Peterson CAT
Royal Ambulance
Royal Coffee, Inc.
Vierra Trucking



Robert and Lois Braddock Charitable Foundation
Castro Valley Women’s Club
Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
East Bay Foundation on Aging
Eden Township Healthcare District
Excelsior German Center
Meals on Wheels America
Piedmont-Montclair Rotary Club
Rotary Club of San Leandro
Rotary Club of Oakland
Safeway Foundation
San Leandro Optimist Club
Senior Assistance Foundation East Bay (SAFE)
Stupski Foundation
Thomas J. Long Foundation
True North Foundation
William G. Gilmore Foundation


Public Sector

Alameda County Measure A Essential Health Care Services Initiative
Alameda County Adult and Aging Services – Area Agency on Aging
Board of Supervisors – Supervisor Keith Carson
Board of Supervisors – Supervisor Nate Miley
Board of Supervisors – Supervisor Wilma Chan
City of Hayward
City of Oakland
City of San Leandro


Volunteer Partners

ARC of Alameda County
Blaisdell’s Business Products
Business Growth Network
California Highway Patrol-Castro Valley Area
California State Worker’s Compensation Fund
Castro Valley Adult School
Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce
Castro Valley High School Key Club
Castro Valley Women’s Club
Chabot College Days of Service
Coca-Cola San Leandro
Cole Vocational Services Hayward
Empowerment for Success
Harambee Kinship Center
Head Royce School
Hormel Foods
Kaiser Permanente
KIPP Collegiate Academy San Lorenzo
Pacific Farms
Royal Ambulance
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
San Leandro Police Department
Stepping Stones Growth Center

Our Generous Donors - Thank You!

Gold Plate $500 Plus

The Allstate Foundation
Anonymous (3)
Jack and Carmen Aydelott
Mariane Ayoub
Ericka Curla Bartling
Diane and James Bateman
Castro Valley Lions Breakfast Club
Phuong Bui
Jim and Roxanne Chanos
Holly Clarke
Mary Rose Clements
Decus Biomedical, LLC.
Carol Dieter
Doreen Etter
Fremont Elks Lodge
Leroy and Vera Ginn
Miriam Gohlke
Dorothy Hamilton
Jerry and MaryAnne Heather-Hogerheide
ImageX Corporation
P and J Jesus
Charles and Pennie Kadlecek
Kaiser Permanente Public Affairs-Greater Southern Alameda Area
Robert and Judith Kridle
Frances Kwee
Ron Lavelle and Family
Liberty Mutual Insurance Pacific Region Business Insurance
Hilde Lorentz
Mary Jeanine Luck and Sylvie Canuel
Cornell C. Maier
Gerry Mellen
James Meagher
Oakland Rotary Endowment
Cathy Pementell
Charles and Norma Plummer
Retired Physicians’ Association of the Permanente Medical Group
Rotary Club of San Leandro
Tom Rylander and Family
Jess C. Spencer Mortuary, Inc.
Paul Stich
Judy Szilagyi
Marcia Vastine
Timothy and Susan Von Herrmann
Madaline Wellington
Stephen Workman
Lily Yu
Anna Zavarzina
Gerald Zon


Silver Plate $251-$500

Anonymous (5)
Leland and Joann Anderson
Helmeith and Laurie Aukes
William Bielinski
Anita Brugman
Raymond and Ellen Bryant
Benjamin and Rose Dicus, Jr.
Joseph and Ann Farias
Audrey Fong
Audrey Ann Fong
The Ford Store Morgan Hill
Future Ford of Sacramento
Norbert Gallegus
Thomas and Deanna Graves
Paul and Karen Gudiksen
Wanda Hayes
Maru Iijima
Sherrie Jackson
Ronald Knox
Michael Lefaivre
Paul T. Lettieri
Krista Lucchesi
Rudolph Marchetti
Patricia McFadden
Daniel Mulville
Valerie Ng
Palomares Hills Social Committee
Paprika Rose Found Objects
Laurel Przybylski
Jim Robson
Rotary Club of Piedmont Montclair
San Leandro Garden Club
Teresita and Warren Schroeder
Welch and Kay Warren
Mary Louise Zernickef


Bronze Plate $100-$250

Ala Costa Historical Doll Club
Ronald Allen
Joanne and Leland Anderson
Larry Arnold
Henry and Ann Attwood
PJ Ballard
Peter Ballew
Pravin Balram
Alan and Patricia Bass
Bay Valley Medical Group, Inc.
Robert and Margaret Benjegerdes
Deborah and Louis Breznikar
Rene and Michael Bush
Robert and Barbara Cambra
Kathleen Carrai
Ronald Christensen
Karen Chan
Flordelia Concepcion
D.M. and S.C. Criswell
Joyce Davis
Beatrice Degennaro
Donald DiGiordano
Diane E. Dodd
Patricia Duey
Jeffrey M. Eandi
Donald Edick
Nathaniel Easley
Suzanne Evans
Amy M. Fauria
Linda Ferreria
Michelle Fierston
Puanani Forbes
Darla and Tony Franey
Victor Fujii
Katherine Galvan
Sheri Garcia
Donald Gelles
Marica Gill
Leonard Goldschmidt
Harley and Linda Goldstrom
Silvestra Goble
Mary Gregory
Angel Groves
Renee Harper
Joann and Robert Hatchman
Danelle Hickling
Richard and Rebecca Hoxsey
Kristena Hubbard
Albert and Tracy Hwang
Mary Leigh Henneberry
Michael Haimovitz
Howard and Sherrill Harrison
Hill and Valley Club
Annette Gilbert Iwamoto
Ken Jadeson
Dossy and Alice James
Donna Jay
Nina Kurtz Johnson
Richard Kolbert
John and Janet Kilgour
Paul and Aileen Koslosky
Carmel Ledyard
Martin Lode
David Lindeman
Helenka Livingston
Wu Nan and Maggie Lin
Catharine Laffoon
Linda Lefrak
Mary Lavelle
Beth Kane
Charles and Pennie Kadlecek
Lee A. Kaplan
Frances Krug
Michael Man
Sharon Marchetti
Warren Marlis
Alwyn S Martin
Nelson & Mika Max
Tim and Connie McCabe
Michael McCawley
Margaret McCullum
Michael McKaig
Alan and Beverly Morgan
Judith and Steven Miller
Benetta Morris
Daniel Mulville
Shaun Murray
K.M. Neal
Vernon and Barbara Neff
William Nicolson
Susan Willman and Patrick O’Brien
Stephanie Pearson
Jane Perry
Richard and Mary Petersen
Linda Pirlot
Penny Pridemore
Oakland Pallet Company Inc.
James and Lynn Olson
PG&E Corporation – Campaign for the Community
Nancy Randhawa
James and Margaret Ratcliffe
Carolynn and Alan Rector
Mark Reilly
Susan Reisz
Raquel Rojas
K. Rossi
Burton and June Rigley
Ana Marie Rodriguez
Francis Ridolfi
Charles Rowland
Miyo Saiki
Lloyd and Judith Salsbery
Karen Schafer
Sinu Sekhar
Shamrock Realtors
Barbara Shapiro
Lynn and George Shinn
Brenda Silva
Cindy Simons
Erin Smart
Olivia Spicer
Linda Stanley
George and Sharon Strong
Dave and Lynne Sweilem
Edward Tani
Janelle Thompson
Elizabeth Troutman
United Way of the Bay Area
Peggy Valley
Kathleen Vasconcellos
Ian Vaughn
Vierra Trucking
Erika Walther
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Elizabeth Wierzbianska
Evan Wilson
Robert Wister
Kip Wixson
Angela Wong
Ruth Wrentmore
Kimberly Zetter


Under $100

Alfred Adkins
Vilis and Eva Akmentins
Gary Alpert
Laurie Alvarez
Ruth Amaro
William B. Andrade
Hope Andrews
Vickie Applegate
Nancy Ash
N.A and L.E. Ashworth
Kay Athos
Diane Balloue
George and Irmine Banyas
Judith Barry
Janell Baum
Robert and Michele Beckwith
J M Belmondo
Joel Martin Berg
Robert and Barbara Berio
Gretchen Best
Donald and Judy Bionich
Kyle and John Black
Shirley and James Bolander
Harold and Madeline Briar
Randy Budde
Denise Bogush
William and Clara Burton
Sarah Bush
Robert Bellelli
Mark Bostick
Tamar Brott
Charlotte Calliott
Dennis and Honey Campana
Robert and Erica Campisi
Carol Castagnozzi
Viviana Castellanos
Michael and Loralee Castner
Al and Barbara Chamorro
Diane Clark
Patricia Clark
Dan Cohen
Jan Cole
Doris Cooper
Roberta Cooper
Alfred Costa
Isabel Cryer
Gary W. Curtis
Barbara Culver
Vera Dami
Joyce Davis
June Davis
Louis Davis
Robert and Laura Dekas
Elizabeth Dennett
Cecilia DeReis
Mary Dolven
Mary Dolven
Nick Drabec Construction
James and Yolanda Draper
Geraldine Driver
Cathy Dunn
Mark Duval
Aprile Ebisui
EDM Exotics Inc.
Carol Anna Enos
Edward Ellis
Chris Evans
Jeff and Mimi Felson
Amy Fessa
Sandra Fiorenza
Sharon Finer
Edwin and Clare Fisch
Jerry Fontes
Zee Forsberg
George and Sharon Forth
Clyde and Barbara Foster
Helena Foster
Michael and Norma Franchi
Maria Frias
Lori Friedman
Karen Frey
Sherry Gail
Jessica Galeria
Robert and Mary Gamez
Yvonne Garcia
Anna Gee
Stephanie Ghiorso
Kathy Gonzalez
Warren Gould
John R. Gardner
Dorothy Giammona
Misty Goddard
Joel and Leah Goldberg
Beverly and Candace Griggs
Marie Haefele
Eleanor L. Hart
William and Karen Hart
Barbara Halliday
Dorothy Hamilton
John Hammerton
Anh Diep Hansen
John Harris
Eleanor L. Hart
John Lewis Hayes
Kurt Helmgren
Mary Kay Henderson
Albert Hilbert
Michael Hill
Nan C. Hill
Betty & Dennis Holiman
Lowell Horan
Cynthia Houts
Kristena Hubbard
Brian and Lisa Hudson
Dale and Michael Humphries
Sherrie Jackson
Ruby James
Michael and Diane Jankiewicz
Diane and Jodie Jones
Sherene Judeh
Rita Jurin
Nancy Karigaca
George Kastanos
P. L. Kearn
Craig Kennedy
David and Nancy Kingsbury
Stewart and Virginia Kistner
Susan Klas
Crystal Korbas
Steven and Carina Kowalewski
Panos Lagos
Laurel Landes
Dawn Grunow Lee
Marla Leech
Wilson and Lena Leong
Dianne Lewis
Elvetta Lewis
Saundra Lewis
Sharon Lewis
Robert B. Levin, MD
Jan Linde
Joy and Richard Little
Local Independent Charities of America
Fred Ludwig
Norman and Lucinda Luengo
Edward and Carol Lyke
Adele and Aurea Madelo
Stephanie Maniche
Benjamin Martinez
Carrie Mason
Gerry Mellen
Lito Micheli
John and Cindy Middleton
Douglas and Kim Miller
Katherine Miller
Janet Mitani
Howard Moore III
Victor and Sharon Moreno
Joellyn Morris
Donald Norris
Pam Morris
Shig and Namie Naito
Julie Nemeth
Carol Oakley
Eugene and Lorraine O’Brien
Nancy O’Donnell
James and Lynn Olson
Bose Onyemem
Edward and Donna Paladini
Mark Price
Greg and Mary Pallotti
Victoria Paul
Susan Perlman-Chavez
Richard and Mary Petersen
Suzanne D. Philis
Natalia PinheRiro
Richard and Margaret Popovits
Mark Price
V. Pierce
Carroll and Jane Quam
Frances G Rainin
Mary Rataczak
James and Margaret Ratcliffe
George and Susan Reinheimer
Edward Renk
Dimas and Barbara Resendez
Nancy River
Ana Marie Rodriguez
Susan Rosenblatt
Kevin and Natalie Rowe
Charles Rowland
Judith Rubin
Pat Ryan
Margie Saenz
Lloyd & Judith Salsbery
Henry and Mary Santos
Melitta and Anthony Santos
Theresa Santucci
Constance Saroyan
Alan Sauer
Dorothy Schmitt
Rosalie and C.G. Schoeweiler
Patricia Schreiber
Debbie Schriber
Andrea Scuffos
Shell Oil Company Foundation Employee Giving
Myrna and Michael Sheriff
Mary Shields
Donald Silva
Chihoko & Richard Solomon
Ralston Soong
Olivia Spicer
Maria Spratley
Harry Steklachick
Jean Stenmark
Sandra Stewart
Jackie Strickland
Stacy Sutcliffe
Barbara Sutter
Georgia Sveen
Catherine Tapia
Carolyn Taylor
Kenneth and Antoinette Thomason
Mattie Toles
Sarah Tsui
Bernice F Yuen Ttee
Juan Ugarte
United Way of the Bay Area
Peter Vacek
Kathleen Vasconcellos
Martin Vitz
Cynthia Wagner
Frances Waters
Wendy Welsh
Lauren Nagel-Werd
Rigmor Werner
Kathleen B. Williamson
Arlene Williamson
Susan Wilken
Doris Wilkie
David and Victoria Williams
Bonnie Williamson
Arlene Williamson
Foster and Virginia Wood
Shelia Young-Loughran
Gregory Younger
G. Zig and Carolyn Zichterman
Fredrick Zierten